Isabella's Heart

by keepitkeenan aka #folkthug

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The second single from keepitkeenan aka #folkthug

It is a song dedicated to my daughter Isabella.
The sample of her heartbeat was taken from a recording I made using a doppler when she was about 9 weeks old, and then developed into this song.

The song is a message to my daughter and I speak about my past and my hopes for her life
It was filmed in two locations London and Johannesburg which represent my past and future.


Isabella's Heart

Chorus Hook

I lay asleep inside my mothers womb
Dreaming of the days to come,
They'll come so soon,

Through my fathers eyes,
He sees the coming storm,
That I will bring

I lay asleep inside my mother womb
Dreaming of the days to come,
They'll come so soon,

To walk the path
It is the futures truth,
To share my life with you


I’m thinking back to the days,
When it was all about me,
The life I lived the things I craved,
I felt like I was free,

But deep within your heart,
Theres always things that you can't see,
It’s the mystery of life,
The truth if you believe,

I'm manifesting positivity,
Just love and light,
Now I feel all the forces of the universe,
Just guiding me right,

Nothing left to give
This is my heart mind and soul,
To a purpose that deserves this
Now I'm taking control

In the days when I was younger,
Constantly would I evolve?
Into a mentality
That would make my mama scowl

Treat every living being with
Loyalty and respect
What you give is what you get,
Practice patience like Tibet,

Ill never let the harshness of reality
Just get me down
Turn a frown into a smile
Whenever I'm around

I’m always trying to recreate
New ways to make my sound sweet
I keep relationships in check
At the home or in the streets

The rhythms in the wind
The djembe keeping me in beat,
The courage I acquire, as live
Is taking me to peaks, unknown
A family that I can call my own,
But still we prone to apprehension,
So my heart stays strong,

Meditating on creation so my legacy lives on
I’ve found a love within my life
That id like to see full grown

As we nurture our existence
Through the contents of the poem,
I know that even when I'm gone,
You'll feel my love within this song,


Verse 2

I’m looking forward to the future,
Because its you that makes me see,
Apart of me that I can help to shape your own reality,
Within this life of sin ill try to teach you love and light,
Help you to be thankful for blessings
day and night,
Try show you how to live a live of positivity and truth,
Passing down the wisdom from your elders set examples for the youth

Even when you moan or groan
And change your tone,
Or screaming down the house, to leave you alone
Deep inside I know your conscience will be strong
Helping you to realize that forever we are one
The truth cannot be cloned
So I hope you find your own,
Keep on searching, keep on reading
Till it resonates within your soul

For many are the paths
And one day you'll have to walk alone,
So make sure you think before you speak,
And charity it starts at home

Never let the advice of others
Been in bad taste,
Respect for yourself,
Love your body no matter the size of your waist

Try to move a snails pace,
Practice, practice, practice, practice
It’s the essence to be great

Its ok to debate
And even if your proven wrong,
There’s no reason to have qualms,
Just move on,

It’s like the contents of this song,
It can never change its form,
I’m manifesting all your attributes
In the hope that you'll be strong,

This life it can be a fleeting,
And one day I will be gone,
But the truth that we project will never die
It is our bond


released December 26, 2014
Written, Arranged and Composed by Keenan Bailey aka keepitkeenan #folkthug

Drums (Colbi)
Keys (Keenan Bailey)
Additional Synths/Keys (Colbi)
Bass (Colibi)

Produced by Colbi
Recorded by Colbi and Keenan Bailey
Mixed and Mastered by Steven Lewis


all rights reserved



keepitkeenan aka #folkthug London, UK

An artist with no boundaries, exploring musicality while learning what it means to be love, through songwriting, singing, rapping, playing guitar, bass... and pushing all the buttons...


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